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Our patients, Our hospital, Our future, together

We are an award winning hospital and our committed staff deliver safe, high quality care and strong operational performance.

However, we face some big challenges over the next few years. Our hospital is ageing and ill-suited to the needs being placed upon it. Our ageing population is placing increased demands on already stretched services and the rise in emergency admissions puts a significant financial burden on our hospital. As a consequence, if we continue as we are, we are likely to have a deficit this year and in the future.

We recently ran the biggest consultation in the history of our hospital – engaging over a third of our staff in face to face consultations, our patients and community on our proposed vision, priorities and ambitions - with a proposed strategic framework for the future ‘Our patients, Our hospital, Our future, together.

In particular, we asked our staff and stakeholders:

  1. Have we got the right vision for our hospital?
  2. How could we communicate our vision in three words - what could our 'strapline' be?
  3. How can we become one of the best hospitals in the NHS?
  4. Are our 'Putting You First' values still fit for purpose?
  5. Do we have the right priorities?
  6. Have we identified the right seven service ambitions?

Post Consultation

The consultation document below was shared with all Trust staff to give everybody an opportunity to ask questions and share their views. The document was also shared with our stakeholders, community and partner organisations.

We are grateful to everyone who took the time to feedback their responses. We listened and responded by making changes which are outlined in a summary report: Response to our Strategic Framework Consultation. As a result of this work we have a WSFT Strategic Framework for the Future which outlines our agreed Vision, 3 Priorities and 7 Ambitions

Strategic Framework - Our patients, Our hospital, Our future, together

Consultation Document 

Consultation Summary

Response to Consultation

Final Strategy Framework

Delivering high quality, safe care, together 

How we are taking forward our ambitions

This document highlights areas of best practice, innovation and key achievements that will make our strategy, Our patients, Our hospital, Our future, together a reality; supporting our vision to deliver the best quality and safest care for our community.

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