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Childcare Co-ordinator

The Role of the Childcare Co-ordinator

All staff working at the West Suffolk Hospital have access to a childcare co-ordinator.

Objectives of a Childcare Co-ordinator:

  • To provide information to all staff groups and healthcare students on the resources available to them, in order for them to make an informed choice on accessing appropriate childcare.
  • To support and advise parents acting as both an advocate and advisor on childcare issues
  • Locally, to work with childcare providers and planners to secure appropriate childcare services
  • Strategically, to advise managers how childcare support and flexible working can be used effectively to meet targets on the NHS workforce and ultimately provide better healthcare.
  • Act as a signpost for external agencies within the local community

To contact your Childcare Co-ordinator phone Ext 2918.

Busy Bees

Busy Bees is a purpose built nursery set in the woodland grounds of the West Suffolk Hospital.

The play areas are bright welcoming and fun with areas for messy activities, active play, sleeping and quiet times. The nursery is a one level building consisting of 6 play rooms with access to the outside play areas.

Toys and equipment are chosen specifically for each age and stage of development so there's always plenty to keep young minds stimulated.

Busy Bees at West Suffolk Hospital is regulated and inspected under the Children's Act by Ofsted and receives inspections and visits to ensure that our practices and procedures are in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) welfare requirements.

Other benefits of Busy Bees at West Suffolk Hospital include...

  • Bright, welcoming play areas for each age group
  • Secure outdoor play areas with safe, soft flooring
  • Fresh, nutritious meals prepared on site every day
  • Friendly staff team
  • Interactive Smart Board, securely linked to the internet

Extra Activities

To compliment the fun activities they provide every day in nursery, Busy Bees also offer additional extra curricular activities that will help your child to develop further and enjoy their time at nursery even more.

Ask at nursery for more information regarding the exciting activities for children.

Nursery Manager: Ann Adcook

Childcare: for 3 months - 5 years

Opening Times: 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday

Telephone 0844 244 4995  

Holidays Open all year round except bank holidays

www.busybees.com or E-mail: westsuffolk@busybees.com

Tel: 0844 244 4995

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust offers Childcare Vouchers to its employees. The Childcare Voucher scheme is a fantastic money-saving solution to help working parents save money on their childcare costs.

What are Childcare Vouchers?

As a working parent, you can use Childcare Vouchers to pay for your childcare costs and by doing so, you could save up to 933* per year, helping to make childcare more affordable.

Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for any registered childcare for children up to the age of 16**, including: nurseries, child minders, play schemes, pre-schools, nannies, activity camps, before and after school clubs, holiday clubs and independent schools.

How do they work?

Simply exchange part of your salary in return for the same amount of Childcare Vouchers. Childcare Vouchers are deducted directly from your wages each pay period before PAYE and National Insurance is calculated, which is how you make your savings as you pay tax and National Insurance on the amount after the deduction.

You can choose to deduct up to 243* per month (55* per week) - depending on which tax band you fall into. Vouchers are then placed in your online Busy Bees Benefits account to be paid directly to your childcare provider.

Factors such as Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits, Universal Credit, Statutory Maternity Pay and other employee benefits can affect how much you are entitled to have in Childcare Vouchers.

Save more:

Double your savings - Both parents can join a Childcare Voucher scheme providing their employer offers one, which could potentially double your savings, helping to save even more on your childcare costs.

Discount cards – As a Childcare Voucher user, you automatically get free access to exclusive discount cards via your online account. Browse and purchase offers for a range of high street and online stores to make savings on your lifestyle costs.

Busy Bees nurseries – Parents using Busy Bees Benefits Childcare Vouchers in a Busy Bees nursery will receive an additional 5% credit on top of their voucher values.

Register for Childcare Vouchers:

If you would like to take advantage of the savings available to make your childcare more affordable, simply follow the link below and enter the password provided. You will need to have a recent payslip to hand to complete registration.

Payroll Frequency - Monthly - 25th

URL – http://bbblogin.com/Register/MWUPKPQV

Password – Jocko46

Tax credits

If you are currently receiving tax credits, you should contact HM Revenue & Customs to discuss your intention to take Childcare Vouchers.

Should you wish to take Childcare Vouchers, your entitlement to tax credits could be affected where there is a reduction in cash pay.

HM Revenue & Customs have put together a calculator to help you decide whether you would be better off receiving tax credits or, instead, taking Childcare Vouchers.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)

Childcare vouchers are classed as a non-cash benefit and qualify for a tax and national insurance exemption only when used by the employee to pay for registered or approved childcare.  

SMP is calculated based on the average weekly cash pay you receive during the eight week period, 15 weeks prior to the date of confinement (weeks 17 to 25 of your pregnancy). Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) is calculated on the amount of average weekly earnings during the “qualifying week” (25th week of pregnancy). As Childcare Vouchers reduce your cash pay through salary sacrifice, the amount of salary that is liable to National Insurance contributions is also reduced. Therefore any salary sacrifice during this eight week period will reduce entitlement to SMP. If you decide to opt out of the scheme, you will be unable to rejoin the scheme until they return from maternity leave.

Other External Links

Suffolk Families Information Service provides information, advice and assistance for families, children and young people aged 0-19 years.

It is a free, confidential and impartial service available by phone, web site, drop-in and outreach sessions.

The Suffolk Families Information Service offers:

  • Information, advice, guidance and help to parents and carers looking for childcare early education and a range of other services for their children.
  • Information about becoming registered with Ofsted to provide childcare to prospective childcare providers.
  • Information, advice and guidance for anyone looking to work with Children childcare, play work and early education.
  • Information, guidance and support to existing childcare providers:


Tel: 0800 60 800 33 or 0845 60 800 33

Family and Childcare Trust

The Family and Childcare Trust is a national childcare charity and has a useful ‘Parents Information’ section providing advice on choosing and paying for childcare.


HM Revenue & Customs - Tax Credits

A link to the HMRC website explaining Tax Credits and has a calculator, which will help you work out how much you could be entitled to.


National Childminding Association

The National Childminding Association (NCM) works in partnership with the Government and the Wales Assembly Government, local authorities, Early Years Development and Childcare Partnerships, Ofsted and other childcare organizations. Its aim is to ensure that every registered childminder has access to services, training, information and support to enable them to do a proper job.


Sure Start Unit

This is a Government unit working with local authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Jobcentre Plus, local communities and voluntary and private sector organisations. It aims to provide early education, quality child care and after school activities for three and four years olds in every area. It also provides family support in disadvantaged areas where they are most needed.



Ofsted provides information on registration and inspection of childcare.


Department for Children, Schools & Families

Replaces the old DFES website. There is lots of information about education on the site including a useful link into a parent's and carer's section.

Working Families

This website defines two of the most important parts of life: family and employment.By working with parents and carers and organisations alike,

Working Families helps children, working parents and carers and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. It aims to do this by providing information, pragmatic advice and practical solutions.



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